How to Tell if Your Air Conditioner Filter is Working Properly

One of the easiest ways to tell if an air purifier is working is to manually check the filter. To do this, remove the air conditioner filter and hold it in front of the light. If you can't see through the filter, it's time to use a new one. Check air circulation and monitor filter service to ensure that your unit works properly and efficiently.

The HEPA filter and prefilter will show signs of aging and wear. You can tell if an air purifier is working if you see dust, hairs, and debris on the filter, but make sure there isn't enough to clog it. If the HEPA filter is too dirty, it might be time to change it.

Dust and dirt that accumulate around air conditioning grilles

can be caused by a clogged air filter.

Then, the particles can escape through the ventilation grille and accumulate on furniture and surfaces in the house. If your house has more dust than usual, it could be due to a clogged filter. Another possible sign is a worsening of allergies. While clogged ducts can cause similar problems, it's usually wiser to check the filter first.

Replacing a dirty air filter can dramatically improve indoor air quality. The only real way to know if it's time to replace your air conditioner filter is to check it from time to time. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to change the filter. If replacing the air purifier filter, cleaning the ventilation, or removing any obstructions in the fan area doesn't work to repair the air purifier, it may be wise to buy a full replacement one.

The best way to check if the air purifier is working is to test with a separate indoor air quality monitor. An air purifier will eliminate VOCs, dust mites, and other allergens and improve your home's air quality. Its basic function is to keep the air circulating through the heating and cooling system free of dust, pollen, allergens or any other residue that may accumulate in the internal components of the air conditioning system. Actual results may vary and may be affected by variables such as ventilation, natural air flow, and humidity levels.

Indoor air quality is measured by an indoor air quality index (IAQ), which analyzes air pollutants. If the filter is covered in dust, appears to be clogged, or is broken or otherwise damaged, replace it as soon as possible. The best air purifiers come with warranties, but they're often only for one year, so time is of the essence if you have a faulty unit. The only downside to choosing a filter with a high MERV rating is that it can slow down the flow of air into the air conditioning unit.

When you buy a new air filter, you'll find the manufacturer's recommendations for the replacement program. As a general rule, lower home occupancy extends the life of the air filter, while higher occupancy reduces it. An easy way to fix this problem is to check the filter frequently, clean it, or replace it when necessary. Check the dust protector after turning off the air purifier for dust buildup, which could slow down the appliance.

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