What is the Best Air Filter Replacement for Your Home?

It's essential to find a balance between an air filter that cleans effectively and doesn't impede air flow. Look for a filter that removes as much as possible without causing an air restriction.

Many of the newer models of air conditioning systems can easily work with the MERV 11 or higher, such as the Aerostar 20x25x1 MERV 13 pleated air filter.

During a wildfire, you may need to change filters more often than usual, and there are some indicators that can help you know when it's time to replace one. HEPA filters have such hermetic filtration that they tend to restrict airflow too much for most residential forced air systems.

Allergy sufferers should choose an air filter with a minimum MERV 9 rating, which places it in the top residential category according to ASHRAE regulations. With this type of filter, you can check the status of your filter from your smartphone to see if and when it needs to be replaced. The filtration level of an oven filter is largely determined by the thickness of the filter fabric and the size of the particles it can trap. In combination, this odour air filter reduces particulate matter in the air supply and helps create a more neutral odor.

Many owners claim that MERV 11, 12, and even 13 filters have worked perfectly in their systems for years. An HVAC professional would install a small cabinet next to the boiler or air controller (on the air intake side) to hold the thicker filter. In addition to regulating the indoor temperature of the house, the air conditioning system filters the air that enters the house and removes dust, allergens and other impurities that could be harmful to health. To protect your home from smoke during a wildfire, take obvious measures such as keeping windows and doors closed, turning off bathroom fans and exhaust hoods, and using an air filter with a minimum MERV 9 rating. This filter meets or exceeds the industry performance standard established by ASHRAE.

You should expect to replace the filter every three to 12 months of use, depending on its size. The whistle of the air filter may be caused by air flowing around the filter and not through it. The Healthy Living oven filter from Aerostar comes in a wide range of sizes to fit just about any residential air conditioning system. With this type of filter, you can check its status from your smartphone to see if and when it needs to be replaced. Although having detailed information about the air inside your home can be useful, the biggest advantage of this application is being able to check the useful life of your filter at a glance. As an expert in home air filtration systems, I recommend choosing an air filter with a minimum MERV 9 rating for allergy sufferers.

This will ensure that your home is protected from smoke during a wildfire while still providing effective filtration for dust, allergens and other impurities. Additionally, I suggest opting for a model with smartphone connectivity so you can easily check its status and know when it's time to replace it. The Aerostar 20x25x1 MERV 13 pleated air filter is one such model that I highly recommend.

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